Valeria Celeris
Domina Legio X Fret.

Nomen mevm Valeria Celeris est

Name: Valeria Celeris
Rank: Domina
Origin: Egnatia

I am the only child of the senate member Valerius Celeris Antonius, a rich estate owner in both Egnatia (in modern day Puglia) and Herculaneum (in modern day Campagnia).   We have olive groves in Egnatia and produce olive oil which is a major industry of our wealthy and noble family. We  export olive oil throughout the Roman Empire from the nearby harbour of Brundisium. In our other estate in Herculaneum we possess large vineyards and produce large quantities of wine which are imported from the harbour of Portus. 
Valerius, my father  is a close friend of Cossus Cornelius who is Quintus Aurelius‘ father and together with his family we hosted them several times in our family home in Herculaneum. This is how Quintus and I got acquainted as children. However, the various military campaigns that took Quintus to distant lands did not permit him to visit Herculaneum during his youth. When Quintus’ father died, he inherited his father’s title and estate. Soon after Quintus revisited Herculaneum at my father’s invitation.
My father’s intention was to arrange a marriage between me and the son of his most esteemed friend who besides being wealthy has also made a name of himself in the Roman Legion. Quintus Aurelius and I met again after many years in our beautiful villa in Herculaneum and fell in love to the delight of my father who could not wish for a better match since this marriage has also a political impact.  My father Valerius is very pleased that his only daughter is happy in this marriage and that my security is guaranteed.  Due to our bond my father’s exportation business has flourished. His oil and wine produce now extends to further regions reaching the north of the empire since my husband, Aurelius enjoys several privileges and has important connections in the northern Roman cities. 
From our love union, a daughter was born, Aurelia Flora