T. Sempronivs Aeneator
Cornicen Legio X Fret.

Nomen mevm Titvs Sempronvs Aeneator est

Titvs Sempronivs Aeneator
Rank: Cornicen
Origin: Messana-Sicilia

Titus Sempronius Aeneator is a cornicen of humble origins from Messana, Sicilia. His father was a shepherd and Titus used to go out with him herding sheep. As part of his free time spent with the sheep he learnt to play the flute and perfected its use by practice. Being a shepherd was hard work and Titus tried his luck as a musician playing the flute in the taverns for some food and a couple of coins. This new job did not serve to improve his life status considerably.

Sicilia was part of the Roman Empire as from the First Punic War and it was a common scene for Sicilians to face off with Roman soldiers. To improve his life situation, Titus decided to enroll with the 10th Legion as a legionary. At this time being a legionary of the Roman Army was one of those jobs that could guarantee a stable salary and a good retirement with lands.

While redeployed in Macedonia, the 10th Fretensis was engaged in battle against the Sarmatians when the Cornicen, Marcus was injured and killed. Out of his own free will and adrenaline, Titus took the cornu and started sounding the orders of the centurion with musical notes to help in transmitting the signals and battle orders.

The centurion, Quintus, admired Titus’ intentions to help and did not punish him for undertaking such initiative by himself, instead he saw in Titus the best candidate to replace the deceased Cornicen. His fellow legionaries gave him the name of Aenator to classify him as a musician. By time, Titus upgraded his armour as an officer having a better wage than that of the other milites. To thank the Legion he use the skills he has in woodworking to repair the equipment and assist to the needs.

“May Apollo be glorified for giving me the gift of music and helping me to demonstrate my gift in front of my fellow milites and Quintus the centurion for which eventually I have improved my life”       

Titvs sempronivs aeneator

Agnomina: Aeaneator, from Latin aēneus or ahēneus, “brazen”, from aes, “copper alloy“. Performer of horn attached to a Roman military unit.