Ti. Galerivs Severvs
Centvrio Legio X Fret.

Nomen mevm Tiberivs Galerivs Severvs est

Name: Tiberivs Galerivs Severvs
Rank: Centvrio
Origin: Cosentia, Lvcania et Brutii, Italia

I am Tiberivs Galerivs Severvs, the proud Primvs Pilvs of the 10th legion Fretensis. I come from Cosentia in the mountainous region of Lucania et Brutii, home to at least six generations of my forefathers. My father was a centurion in the same legion that I serve now and left me at a young age. Fate led him to his death in the province of Judea, ambushed by those cowardly  zealots who choose to fight in skirmishes rather than in an open field man to man. His death is surely avenged however, they paid a heavy price in recent years by my sword and those of my men. The legion is doing a good job keeping those god fearing muppets in place.

As I grew older I was tutored and learned Latin along with Greek. Years passed by and I focused my energy on soldiering and bettering myself in matters of discipline and strength both mentally and physically. Following in my father’s footsteps, I joined Legio X Fretensis upon reaching adulthood. The name that my father had made for himself in the legion still echoed in the ranks, and that makes my blood run deep with pride.

After 6 years of service I made Optio, and 5 years later my superior went to the Elysian Fields after another bloody skirmish 9 miles from Jerusalem.  Fortunately I always favoured being respected rather than feared. The men knew my strict manners, but I always led by example. 7 years after that the death of 1 centurion after another, led me to become favoured for the superior rank of Primvs Pilvs. The greatest prize for any centurion in all our Roman Military. One day while roaming our camp I saw a beautiful young woman walking alongside my Legate, Avrelia Flora. We talked, laughed, shared experiences and just like that our souls were bound together like a fish is bound with water. I hope that my service as first spear centurion will gain me entry to the Equestrian class, only that way can I hold her hand in marriage. My loyalty to her father ensured his blessing. Until than I push on, expanding the glory of the empire, my family and my gods.