Sert. Geminivs Trio
Miles Legio X Fret.

Nomen mevm Sertorivs Geminivs Trio est

Name: Sertorivs Geminivs Trio
Rank: Miles Gregarivs
Origin: Melita

My family were from Rome, but they lived in Melita, I Sertor Geminius Trio was born and raised there. I did a bit of every kind of work there, but I am a fighter and a warrior, when I saw the Roman legions for the first time, I was impressed by their armor and at that moment, I knew what I wanted.

When I began, it was hard, and every mistake you do in the training, you have to pay for it, but if you want to survive in battle you need to be strong. At first it was fun: drinking everyday, women as much as I could want, and food. But one night I was sick and did not have any wine to drink, I was on watch and the others were drunk. When everyone was too drunk to stand, something was coming on shore… a ship! I called the others but no one came, I saw the shadows coming and they started killing everyone. I fought but they caught me and took me as a slave, I ended up as a rower for many days, but one day, by the will of Mars I was released… only to be enslaved again in a villa, but I managed to escape and survived by the will of Mars.

One day I was walking in a secluded quarter and someone was fighting, it was one against six people. I heard the one fighting alone speak Latin… it was a Roman and I helped him and fought with him and we killed all of them! This Roman was a Tribunus and he took me with him back, this time to Rome, where I enlisted with the 10th Fretensis as a legionary.