Q. Sertorivs Fervs
Centvrio Primvs Pilvs Legio X Fret.

Nomen mevm Qvintvs Sertorivs Fervs est

Name: Qvintvs Sertorivs Fervs
Rank: Centurion
Origin: Panormvs – Sicilia, Italia

Qvintvs, also known as Fervs came from an old family of Punic grain merchants from the port-city of Panormvs on the Western Coast of Sicily. His parents named him Qvintvs since he was the fifth born son.

Unfortunately his family endured a lot of hardships under Caivs Verres, proconsul to Sicily, during his government between 73-71 b.C. His extortion of local farmers and plundering of temples led to his prosecution by Cicero, resulting into Verres’s exile. 35 years later his family ended up in the midst of a stand-off between Sextvs Pompeivs and Rome. Being the bread basket of Rome, Pompeivs occupied Sicily and blocked the journey of the expedition carrying grain to bring the city to its knees. This was during the second triumvirate of Octavian, Marcvs Antonivs and Lepidvs. Octavian sent his admiral Agrippa and his fleet to Sicily and at the naval battle of Navlochvs, Pompeivs was defeated. Qvintvs’ great great grandfather was one of Agrippa’s advisors and his knowledge of the Sea Strait of Messina was crucial in this victory. This earned his family prestige, honour and above all – Roman citizenship.

Roman citizenship made Fervs’ dream come true. At the age of 18, he enlisted as a legionary with the X Fretensis, founded by Octavian after he was proclaimed emperor (Avgvstvs). This made him travel far from his home-town to the East – Judaea. After 17 long years in service, Fervs was promoted by another Qvintvs, his Centvrio, to the grade of Optio and after just one year was promoted again to Centvrio to replace him after he died in an ambush by Sicari close to the Hebron hills to the South of Jerusalem. May the gods put his soul to rest in peace and prosperity! Qvintvs felt it as his turn to avenge his centvrio’s death! Soon we will put Jerusalem under siege! May Titvs and the gods give us a clear victory!

Nickname (Agnomina) – Fervs meaning wild.

Centvrio Fervs passed away on October 16th 2020. Requiescat in Pace