L. Titinvs Vrsvs
Vexillarivs Legio X Fret.

Nomen meum Lvcivs Titinvs Vrsvs est

Name: Lvcivs Titinvs Vrsvs
Rank: Vexillarivs
Origin: Ostia, Lativm, Italia

I was born in Ostia, Province of Rome, Italy, the son of a rich merchant shipper. My father, and grandfather before him, imported wild and exotic animals to be used in the Arenas for entertainment and pleasure in Rome and its provinces. As a young boy, I was always fascinated by these wild animals, especially the bear which had massive claws and could stand almost up to 9 feet tall when on its hind legs. I spent a lot of time observing these animals, so much so that my friends started calling me “Ursus”. This nickname also suited well because of my stature as I was bigger than all of my fellow friends.

As I developed from a young boy into a young man, I started hearing of the Military victories and Legions and Glory from some of my friends whose fathers were employed with the Roman Army. With the passing of time, my interest in wild animals which by now had become a common sight for me, started fading away and I became more and more intrigued about these military victories and glory until one fine day I took the decision to join the army.

Due to my physical attributes, I quickly progressed through the rigorous training, and was sent to Judea to join Legio X Fretensis, where I was assigned to the artillery as a ballistarius – Heavy equipment necessitated of strong man to carry and operate. My first ever involvement came in the war the Jews, where the Legion gained fame in the effective use of its artillery during the siege of Masada.

Days, turned into months, and months into years and today after 21 years of service, I occupy the prestigious rank of Standard Bearer – Vexillarius – where I proudly carry the Legion’s Emblem. This post became available after the former Vexillarius reached the end of his service in the Legion, and was offered to me because of my valour in battle.

Ironically, part of the vexillarius’ uniform is an animal skin that is worn over the helmet to distinguish himself from the rest of the soldiers, and this animal happens to be a bear thus further accentuating my nickname – Ursus

Nickname (Agnomina) – Ursus meaning bear – for my fascination with bears, for my large stature, for my rank.