C. Marinvs Leonicvs
Tesserarivs Legio X Fret.

Nomen mevm Caivs Marinvs Leonicvs est

Name: Caivs Marinvs Leonicvs
Rank: Tesserarivs
Origin: Messana – Sicilia, Italia

Sicilian by birth, Caivs hails from the Marini gens. Caivs’ childhood had not been much, working odd jobs for various masters and widely regarded as a stranger’s son – in fact often looked down upon. This instilled a fighting spirit in Caivs which was soon put to good use when he enlisted with the newly created 10th Legion. It was also during his childhood that he learned to sew, a skill which quickly came to good use in the legion. He is well known for his brews, especially his posca of which it is alleged that his former centvrio, Qvintvs, was very fond of. However, it is his unfailing courage and fighting spirit that got the attention of most, if not all his companions in the legion.

Never the type to shy away from a fight, Caivs is always to be found in the thick of it and unfortunately sometimes, for the wrong reasons too. Although he is a burly type and displaying all hallmark Roman traits of unbridled lewdness and bloodthirst, Caivs can sometimes be a bit of a hot-head and often, he has had to explain to his superiors why he got into fights with other fellow legionaries. Nonetheless, his loyalty towards Rome, the legion and his companions is unflinching. Always ready to sacrifice himself for Rome and the legion, Caivs has on multiple occasions distinguished himself as a brave legionary, urging his companions to fight on and push for victory. He has often been heard to state that “a day without blood wetting my sword, is a wasted day”, which may explain his zeal for battle. In turn, this also explains his agnomen Leonicvs, given to him for his lion-like bravery and determination in battle.

While still serving in the legion, Caivs has also found love, having met a lovely young lady who goes by the name of Marcia. Relationships are somewhat prohibited by order of the Princeps, Avgvstvs, but Caivs has been able to keep a low profile about his encounters with his sweetheart allowing him to fulfil his duty as a legionary.

Nickname (Agnomina) – Leonicvs meaning lion-like. This nickname was given to Caivs for his ferocity in battle and his ability to instil courage among fellow legionaries.