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L. Licinvs MvrenaMiles Legio X Fret. Nomen mevm Lvcivs Licinvs Mvrena est Name: Lvcivs Licinvs MvrenaRank: Miles GregarivsOrigin: Rome, Lativm My name is Lvcivs Licinvs Mvrena. I hail from a senatorial family which is one of the oldest and richest in Rome and my ancestors were given several provinces to govern in the early roman […]


Q. Domitivs DrvsvsMiles Legio X Fret. Nomen mevm Qvintvs Domitivs Drvsvs est Name: Qvintvs Domitivs DrvsvsRank: Miles GregarivsOrigin: Thebae, Achaea (Graecia) I hail from a gladiator family, where my father won his freedom by winning many fights in the arena. He was awarded a wooden rudus to symbolise his freedom. As time passed he married […]


Oct. Sentivs RegillvsMiles Legio X Fret. Nomen mevm Octavivs Sentivs Regillvs est Name: Octavivs Sentivs RegillvsRank: Miles GregarivsOrigin: Tvscvlvm, Lativm (Italia) My name is Octavivs Sentivs Regillvs and I was born in Tvscvlvm in Lativm. My father and mother have many wine farms and estates and as a result they are very wealthy people and […]


Oct. Hostilivs CorvvsMiles Legio X Fret. Nomen mevm Octavivs Hostilivs Corvvs est Name: Octavivs Hostilivs CorvvsRank: Miles GregarivsOrigin: Tarraco, Hispania Tarraconensis I was born and raised in Tarraco, Hispania. My father is the owner of a silver mine and has a jewelry production business there. He earns decent money to take care of our family […]


ArlynnDomina Legio X Fret. Nomen mevm Arlynn est Name: ArlynnRank: DominaOrigin: Britannia My name is Arlynn, the only daughter of Breonna, Princess of the Cantii Tribe and a direct descendant of Anarevitos, where my grandfather, Claudius was King of the Province. I hail from Britannia, the lands of the Celtic tribe Cantiaci (Cantt), to be […]


NaravasPuer Legio X Fret. Nomen mevm Naravas est Name: NaravasRank: PuerOrigin: Cirta, Numidia Naravas is the son of a Numidian merchant. His family settled in Cirta on the Mediterranean coast of Numidia many generations ago. The city, having fallen into Roman hands during Julius Caesar’s consulship shortly before Naravas’ birth, young Naravas grew accustomed to […]


Sert. Geminivs Trio Miles Legio X Fret. Nomen mevm Sertorivs Geminivs Trio est Name: Sertorivs Geminivs TrioRank: Miles GregarivsOrigin: Melita My family were from Rome, but they lived in Melita, I Sertor Geminius Trio was born and raised there. I did a bit of every kind of work there, but I am a fighter and […]


C. Artorivs AtellvsMiles Legio X Fret. Nomen mevm Caivs Artorivs Atellvs est Name: Caivs Artorivs AtellvsRank: Miles GregarivsOrigin: Caivs Artorivs Atellvs is a miles gregarivs of the 10th Legion Fretensis.


L. Tvllivs VincentivsMiles Legio X Fret. Nomen mevm Lvcivs Tvllivs Vincentivs est Name: Lvcivs Tvllivs VincentivsRank: Miles GregarivsOrigin: Mediolanvm, Gallia Cisalpina Lvcivs Tvllivs Vincentivs was born and lived most of his childhood in Mediolanum. He left Mediolanum due to conflict with his parents and left for Rome for a new life. On the way to […]


M. Aelivs CorvinvsMiles Legio X Fret. Nomen mevm Marcvs Aelivs Corvinvs est Name: Marcvs Aelivs CorvinvsRank: Miles GregarivsOrigin: Bilitio, Gallia Cisalpina My name is Marcus Felix, born in the province of Cisalpine Gaul in the city of Bilitio from a Roman mother and father. Grandson of Felix, Roman legionnaire who, during the invasions of this […]