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Q. Avrelivs ProcvlvsProconsvl et Legatvs Legio X Fret. Nomen mevm Qvintvs Avrelivs Procvlvs est Name: Qvintvs Avrelivs Procvlvs Rank: ProConsul of Rome & Legate of 10th FretensisOrigin: Britannia Qvintvs Avrelivs Procvlvs son of Cossus Cornelius Lentulus and Octavia Arria of the Julii. Born in Britannia while my father was Praetor and Magistrate of the province. […]


Avrelia FloraDomina Legio X Fret. Nomen mevm Avrelia Flora est Name: Avrelia FloraOrigin: Rome My name is Avrelia, the only daughter of Qvintvs Avrelivs Procvlvs, Proconsul of Rome and Legate of the Tenth Legion Fretensis. I was born and raised in Rome, on our family’s estate. I am known by the cognomen of ‘Flora’, better […]


C. Marinvs LeonicvsTesserarivs Legio X Fret. Nomen mevm Caivs Marinvs Leonicvs est Name: Caivs Marinvs LeonicvsRank: TesserarivsOrigin: Messana – Sicilia, Italia Sicilian by birth, Caivs hails from the Marini gens. Caivs’ childhood had not been much, working odd jobs for various masters and widely regarded as a stranger’s son – in fact often looked down […]


Sex. Marivs MalleolivsOptio Legio X Fret. Nomen mevm Sextvs Marivs Malleolivs est Name: Sextvs Marivs Malleolivs Rank: Optio Origin: Tarraco – Tarraconensis, Hispania For three generations my family have lived in Tarraco, a Port City in North Eastern Hispania. It is the oldest Roman settlement on the Iberian Peninsula. My father Ioseph, like his father […]


T. Sempronivs AeneatorCornicen Legio X Fret. Nomen mevm Titvs Sempronvs Aeneator est Titvs Sempronivs Aeneator Rank: Cornicen Origin: Messana-Sicilia Titus Sempronius Aeneator is a cornicen of humble origins from Messana, Sicilia. His father was a shepherd and Titus used to go out with him herding sheep. As part of his free time spent with the sheep he learnt […]


L. Titinvs VrsvsVexillarivs Legio X Fret. Nomen meum Lvcivs Titinvs Vrsvs est Name: Lvcivs Titinvs Vrsvs Rank: Vexillarivs Origin: Ostia, Lativm, Italia I was born in Ostia, Province of Rome, Italy, the son of a rich merchant shipper. My father, and grandfather before him, imported wild and exotic animals to be used in the Arenas […]


Ti. Galerivs SevervsCentvrio Legio X Fret. Nomen mevm Tiberivs Galerivs Severvs est Name: Tiberivs Galerivs Severvs Rank: Centvrio Origin: Cosentia, Lvcania et Brutii, Italia I am Tiberivs Galerivs Severvs, the proud Primvs Pilvs of the 10th legion Fretensis. I come from Cosentia in the mountainous region of Lucania et Brutii, home to at least six […]


Q. Sertorivs FervsCentvrio Primvs Pilvs Legio X Fret. Nomen mevm Qvintvs Sertorivs Fervs est Name: Qvintvs Sertorivs FervsRank: CenturionOrigin: Panormvs – Sicilia, Italia Qvintvs, also known as Fervs came from an old family of Punic grain merchants from the port-city of Panormvs on the Western Coast of Sicily. His parents named him Qvintvs since he […]