Ti. Galerivs Severvs
Optio Legio X Fret.

Nomen mevm Tiberivs Galerivs Severvs est

Name: Tiberivs Galerivs Severvs
Rank: Optio
Origin: Cosentia, Lvcania et Brutii, Italia

Tiberivs Galerivs Severvs, a proud Optio of the 10th legion comes from the mountainous region of Lucania et Brutii, home to at least six generations of his forefathers. Hi father was a centurion under Emperor Vespasian with Legio X Fretensis and left him at a young age. Fate led his father to his death in the fall of Jerusalem, where he died bravely fighting the Jewish rebels called zealots, a wound that will never heal.

As Tiberius grew older his mother sent him to a ludus and learned Latin along with Greek. Years passed by and he focused his energy on soldiering and bettering himself in matters of discipline and strength, both mentally and physically. Following in his father’s footsteps, he joined the Legio X Fretensis upon reaching adulthood. His mentor, a retired Optio that goes by the name of Antonivs Qvintvs Viator who was also an old friend to Tiberius’ father, introduced him to his beautiful daughter Avrelia Flora. With flowers in her hair honoring her Goddess, their souls bonded together like a fish is bound with water. They have been lovers ever since.

Being brighter than most, his centurion who has been serving for quite a long while, selected him to be his second in command with the rank of Optio, making him responsible for the discipline and drill of his centuria in the legion, leading with respect rather than fear.

Nickname (Agnomina)