Q. Domitivs Drvsvs
Miles Legio X Fret.

Nomen mevm Qvintvs Domitivs Drvsvs est

Name: Qvintvs Domitivs Drvsvs
Rank: Miles Gregarivs
Origin: Thebae, Achaea (Graecia)

I hail from a gladiator family, where my father won his freedom by winning many fights in the arena. He was awarded a wooden rudus to symbolise his freedom. As time passed he married and had a son, myself, whom he named Qvintvs. I was raised in the Greek city of Thebae (Thebes) in the Greek province of Achaea.

My father taught me everything from fighting with bare hands, in the Greek wrestling fashion, to armed combat. Being Theban meant being raised in a society that valued men who know how to wield a weapon, especially in the brutal times that came upon us as a result of the Achaean wars with the Aetolian League. Soon, I grew up and enrolled with the Fretensis Legion to honour my father and hope to one day rise in ranks. My reputation though is that of brawler and during one such brawl, I came to know two other legionaries of the Tenth: Regillvs and Mvrena. True, we did beat each other up, but we became best of friends so much so that we love each other like brothers.

Together, we have fought countless battles and we also developed something of a tradition between us: that of drinking ourselves to a stupor after a successful battle. Not to mention that we are also a rowdy bunch, playing pranks on each other… and true to our nature, having a go at each other in the occasional brawl just for the thrill of it.