Q. Avrelivs Procvlvs
Proconsvl et Legatvs Legio X Fret.

Nomen mevm Qvintvs Avrelivs Procvlvs est

Name: Qvintvs Avrelivs Procvlvs
Rank: ProConsul of Rome & Legate of 10th Fretensis
Origin: Britannia

Qvintvs Avrelivs Procvlvs son of Cossus Cornelius Lentulus and Octavia Arria of the Julii. Born in Britannia while my father was Praetor and Magistrate of the province. I grew up in Britannia in the lands of the Celtic Tribe Cantiaci (Cantii). The Cantii, the most civilized of tribes, being friends and allies of Rome.

“Ex his omnibus longe sunt humanissimi qui Cantium incolunt, quae regio est maritima omnis, neque multum a Gallica differunt consuetudine.”

Of all these (British tribes), by far the most civilised are they who dwell in Kent, which is entirely a maritime region, and who differ but little from the Gauls in their customs.” De Bello Gallicum – Julius Caesar

Having been sent to Rome for tutelage, becoming popular amongst my peers, I soon caught the eye of the Emperor. In appreciation of services to Rome I was appointed questor. News reached me that my father, Cossus Cornelius, having been ambushed by a Catuvellauni war band (enemies of the Cantii) was wounded. He survived due to the actions of the Cantii King and his bodyguard. However, the King himself was mortally wounded in the attack leaving no heirs but a female princes Breonna. As well as being a Celtic princess she also had a tribal function, that of being a Druid. (In later years this was of extreme use to me)   The Roman Governor of the province appointed my father Cossus as Praetor of all Cantii lands.  My father took Breonna under his protection in gratitude for her father’s bravery, she was freed and made a roman citizen, she was later adopted and so became my adopted sister. BreonnaShe later returned with us to Rome. I was given leave to return to Britannia to take stock and to report to the Emperor himself.  Having gone back to Britannia I found my father healed from his wounds and was appointed Legate of the Roman garrisons of Londinium, Dvrovernvm and Cantiacorvm. I spent many years in Britannia in service with Legio VI Victrix. During which time I made it a point time to get accustomed to Celtic traditions and assimilated some into my life for the benefit and Glory of Rome. I understood that to conquer this land one need to know its culture, customs and people. The Druids were Key to this, they wielded power over the Celts, to eradicate them was key to the success of the whole campaign.

After my father’s death I inherited his titles, deeds and lands. I was recalled to to Rome and appointed as Legate of Legio X Fretensis. During my stay in Rome I spent time on the estate of my late father’s friend Valerius. During my time spent there I enjoyed the company of Valeria Celeris, his daughter. This didn’t go unnoticed and both families encouraged the courtship. Valeria is now my loving wife and Noble Domina of my household. She looks after the interests of our estates in my absence. She is my eyes and ears when I am in the provinces or on campaigns. For this she has my respect and love! This bond has resulted in wealth, prestige and fame to both our families. The fruit of this union was a my beloved daughter Avrelia Flora. My little fiery Kitten is Avrelia! She is as loving as anything but can get her sharp claws out when needed to protect her own, especially me! Her scheming mind complements her cunning for getting what she wants! Much like me! For this, she earns my paternal blessing. She has had her eyes on my Primus my senior centurion Tiberivs, he is my most loyal man. He respects and protects me and will fight to the death for his Legate. He, in turn, is respected by my legionaries. To command respect of the Legionaries is to have power. I will allow my Avrelia to marry Tiberius because it serves my interests and secures my family’s power. To have command of a loyal army adds weight to my influence in the senate.

Long may the house of Qvintvs Aurelivs Procvlvs live and prosper.

I am Pro Consul of Rome, Governor of the eastern provinces and Legate of the 10th Legion Fretensis.