Oct. Sentivs Regillvs
Miles Legio X Fret.

Nomen mevm Octavivs Sentivs Regillvs est

Name: Octavivs Sentivs Regillvs
Rank: Miles Gregarivs
Origin: Tvscvlvm, Lativm (Italia)

My name is Octavivs Sentivs Regillvs and I was born in Tvscvlvm in Lativm. My father and mother have many wine farms and estates and as a result they are very wealthy people and I, their only child, was kept in good hands and was always well fed. As I grew up, I became quite the rebellious type and decided to reject my comfortable life in my father’s estates. I saw they were recruiting in the legion and decided to join because it is different than civilian life. I figured I could release all of my anger in battles. For me, the sound of thousands of swords clashing as blood splatters amidst the cacophony of shouting is music to my ears.

It is not easy to fight in battles but I always have my loyal best friend by my side Qvintvs Domitivs Drvsvs to back me up. We always had each other’s backs and trained together in the legion and we both served under the emperor Caesar Augustus. In the legion, I learned to respect and be loyal to my brothers-in-arms as well as to the emperor. Before I go to battle I always say this phrase: ‘Pain is temporary but pride is forever. Ave!

Octavivs Sentivs Regillvs – Prince Of Death!