Oct. Hostilivs Corvvs
Miles Legio X Fret.

Nomen mevm Octavivs Hostilivs Corvvs est

Name: Octavivs Hostilivs Corvvs
Rank: Miles Gregarivs
Origin: Tarraco, Hispania Tarraconensis

I was born and raised in Tarraco, Hispania. My father is the owner of a silver mine and has a jewelry production business there. He earns decent money to take care of our family of ten.
I have two older sisters who have married and started their own family; and five younger brothers who are all being taught jewelry making by our father and other skills that could help the business . I have always found metals and gems fascinating but I was never interested in making jewelry, perhaps more interested in wearing it.

As I was starting to mature, we were given Roman citizenship for the protection of the family and our business. That is when my interest in the 10th Legion started to grow. Some time later, I travelled to Rome and met various legionaries. I joined the 10th Legion Fretensis as a result of my passion for adventure and travels but most importantly for my ever-growing love for Rome.
During my time in the Legion, I have made several good friends including Arlynn, the only daughter of Breonna, who caught my eye even in a romantic way. She often spoke to me about her life in Britannia; my interest in Arlynn sparked my interest in the Celtic culture.

My objectives for the future in the Legion are to gain glory and fame in Rome. As for personal inclinations; I would like to settle, marry and start a family here in Rome as well.
And so, this is my adventure….

Octavivs Hostilivs Corvvus (meaning) – The Eighth Hostile Crow