L. Licinvs Mvrena
Miles Legio X Fret.

Nomen mevm Lvcivs Licinvs Mvrena est

Name: Lvcivs Licinvs Mvrena
Rank: Miles Gregarivs
Origin: Rome, Lativm

My name is Lvcivs Licinvs Mvrena. I hail from a senatorial family which is one of the oldest and richest in Rome and my ancestors were given several provinces to govern in the early roman empire’s history such as the provinces of Hispania, Gallia Narbonensis and Germania Inferior.

I was born in Rome and at the age of 14 my father began to train me in military affairs such as practicing with the sword, bow and arrow and throwing the pilum. I travelled with him throughout the empire and I could observe how to govern a province. When I grew up he became an orator and the emperor quickly sent him to govern the far out province of Syria were at the time was being attacked by the Parthian empire. I quickly proved that I was a capable legionary and went on to defeat the Parthian forces.

I will never forget the triumph we were given for our success!