Helena Antonia Flora

Helena Antonia Flora

Meum nomen est Helena Antonia Flora

Name: Helena Antonia Flora
Origin: Samnium Venusia – Italia

My name is Helena, the daughter of a retired Optio, Quintus Antonius Viator. He, who served in the first Jewish revolt second in command of a centuria from Legio X Fretensis, under the supreme command of Vespasian.

I’ve always carried great interest in the art and beauty of our Roman culture. At a young age my father enlisted me into a ludus, in order to learn reading and writing, in both Latin and Greek. My father is a lover of Greek culture, as many Romans are, and that’s why he called me Helena, in honour of the Spartan princess that was the cause of the Trojan War. I allocated my focus towards poetry and calligraphy.

My family is not of noble blood, yet we are respected for the heroic deeds of my father. After his retirement, the Emperor gave our family land, after which prosperity followed swiftly. As I grew older, I was charged with the responsibility of our prospering household, alongside my mother who forged me into a loyal Roman Domina.

Meanwhile my father as our ‘pater familias’, introduced me to a young Optio, Georgivs Ativs Albinvs. His father was an old friend to mine. We became lovers and followed him ever since. It seemed as if this match was made by the gods themselves!

Living with the army is no joke, but only that lifestyle could keep me close enough to my lover. I carry the cognomen of ‘Flora’, better known as the Roman Goddess of flowers. I obtained such name, after my deep love towards nature and all its beauties. I honour her name by adorning my long hair, with flowers.