Blasivs Primvs Tigris

Blasivs Primvs Tigris
Signifer of the 10th Legion Fretensis

Meum nomen est Blasivs Primvs Tigris

Name: Blasivs Primvs Tigris
Rank: Signifer
Origin: Ostia, Province of Rome, Italia

Born as Blasivs Attivs Tigris in Ostia, Province of Rome, Italy, I am the son of Robertvm Attivs Tigris a merchant shipper. My father imported wild and exotic animals from Egypt, Africa and Asia to be used for show and pleasure in Rome and its provinces, of which the tiger was the most difficult to source as it had to come all the way from Asia. Nevertheless, he managed to do so, and as a result he acquired the nickname “Tigris”. Although I inherited this nickname too, I was never really interested in my father’s trade – my mind was swayed by the cries of glory from the legions’ victories in battle – so when my father’s trade ended prematurely after being killed by one of the tigers that had managed to escape its captors whilst being transported, I took the opportunity and signed up for legionary service, at the age of 16.

Following months of rigorous training, and after showing capabilities in metal and wood work, I was admitted to the ballistarii of the 5th Cohort of the Legio X Fretensis. My first major involvement in battle came when Rome went to war with the Parthian Empire over Armenia, a war which lasted 5 years. From there, I was sent to Syria, where the Legion was to be stationed, and later on involved in the first war with the Jews. The ballistarii of the 5th Cohort of the X Fretensis, gained fame in the effective use of their artillery during the siege of Masada, the last major stronghold of the Jews, which was taken by us Romans.

Today, aged 37 and with 21 years of service in the legion, I occupy the prestigious rank of signifier, carrying the sacred emblem of the 5th Cohorth. I was offered this post a year ago when the former signifier of the same cohort reached the end of his service, and having been away from home for over 20 years with no wife to go back to, I accepted the post with honour. Since I am the first member of the Tigris family to become an officer in the Roman army, I am now known as Blasivs Primvs Tigris.

Nickname (Agnomina) – Tigris from Tiger. Given to my father from the trade he carried out.