Avrelia Flora
Domina Legio X Fret.

Nomen mevm Avrelia Flora est

Name: Avrelia Flora
Origin: Rome

My name is Avrelia, the only daughter of Qvintvs Avrelivs Procvlvs, Proconsul of Rome and Legate of the Tenth Legion Fretensis. I was born and raised in Rome, on our family’s estate.

I am known by the cognomen of ‘Flora’, better known as the Roman Goddess of flowers. This name was given to me by my adopted Aunt, Breonna; She likens me to a blooming flower and comments that I am inheriting my Mother’s charm and my Father’s mind every day.

From a very young age, my Father used to take me along with him when he visited the provinces. It was here that I discovered a great interest in the arts and the beauty of our Roman culture. I explored frescos, mosaics, sculptures and people of different social classes; And what a sight it was to a growing beauty of  noble birth!

My growing hunger for knowledge and curiosity was noticed by my Mother, Valeria Celeris, whose wisdom matches that of the Goddess Minerva herself. She sought the service of a famous Greek tutor for me and I mastered reading, writing, philosophy, arithmetic and astronomy.

As I grew older, I was groomed to take on the responsibility of our prospering household and religious rites, alongside my Mother, who forged me into a loyal Roman Domina.

During one of my beloved Father’s visits to Jerusalem, we visited the Tenth Fretensis’ camp, where the Centurion, Tiberivs Galerivs Severvs, caught my eye. A handsome man in likeness to the God Apollo himself. He carries great recognition and respect and like me, is willing to shed his own sweat and blood, in my Father’s name.

My Father approved of our union and betrothed us during Saturnalia. It seemed as if this match was conceived by Venus herself. We look forward to the day our love is sealed. We will have great feasts in honour of the Gods, I can tell you.

My adventure continues…