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NaravasPuer Legio X Fret. Nomen mevm Naravas est Name: NaravasRank: PuerOrigin: Cirta, Numidia Naravas is the son of a Numidian merchant. His family settled in Cirta on the Mediterranean coast of Numidia many generations ago. The city, having fallen into Roman hands during Julius Caesar’s consulship shortly before Naravas’ birth, young Naravas grew accustomed to […]


Sert. Geminivs Trio Miles Legio X Fret. Nomen mevm Sertorivs Geminivs Trio est Name: Sertorivs Geminivs TrioRank: Miles GregarivsOrigin: Sertor Geminivs Trio is a miles gregarivs of the 10th Legion Fretensis.


C. Artorivs AtellvsMiles Legio X Fret. Nomen mevm Caivs Artorivs Atellvs est Name: Caivs Artorivs AtellvsRank: Miles GregarivsOrigin: Caivs Artorivs Atellvs is a miles gregarivs of the 10th Legion Fretensis.


L. Tvllivs VincentivsMiles Legio X Fret. Nomen mevm Lvcivs Tvllivs Vincentivs est Name: Lvcivs Tvllivs VincentivsRank: Miles GregarivsOrigin: Lvcivs Tvllivs Vincentivs is a miles gregarivs of the 10th Legion Fretensis.


M. Aelivs CorvinvsMiles Legio X Fret. Nomen mevm Marcvs Aelivs Corvinvs est Name: Marcvs Aelivs CorvinvsRank: Miles GregarivsOrigin: Bilitio, Gallia Cisalpina My name is Marcus Felix, born in the province of Cisalpine Gaul in the city of Bilitio from a Roman mother and father. Grandson of Felix, Roman legionnaire who, during the invasions of this […]


BreonnaDomina Legio X Fret. Nomen mevm Breonna est Name: BreonnaRank: DominaOrigin: Britannia Breonna, daughter of Claudius – king of the Cantii. I was born and raised in Britannia in the lands of my Family Celtic tribe Cantiaci (Cantii), where my father, a descendant in the line of Anarevitos, was king of the Province. The Cantii […]


Valeria CelerisDomina Legio X Fret. Nomen mevm Valeria Celeris est Name: Valeria CelerisRank: DominaOrigin: Egnatia I am the only child of the senate member Valerius Celeris Antonius, a rich estate owner in both Egnatia (in modern day Puglia) and Herculaneum (in modern day Campagnia).   We have olive groves in Egnatia and produce olive oil […]


AdrasteiaDomina Legio X Fret. Nomen mevm Adrasteia est Name: AdrasteiaRank: DominaOrigin: Corintus, Graecia Adrasteia is the daughter of a rich Greek merchant. Her family is renowned for trading pottery and metal wares between Corinth and Judaea. She was raised travelling by sea from port to port with her parents. Her mother, as her mother before […]


Mvrrvla FelicitaDomina Legio X Fret. Nomen mevm Mvrrvla Felicita est Name: Mvrrvla FelicitaRank: DominaOrigin: Apollonia, Ivdaea My name is Murrula Felicita, I was born in Judea in the city of Apollonia, from which I adored observing the sparkling of the sun on the surface of the sea. My father is Sergius Legnarius Bonus, a well-known […]


Oct. Satrienvs AlbvsMiles Legio X Fret. Nomen mevm Octavivs Satrienvs Albvs est Name: Octavivs Satrienvs AlbvsRank: Miles GregarivsOrigin: Mediolanivm, Gallia Cisalpina My name is Octavius Satrienvs Albvs. I was born in the Northern part of Italia, also known as Cisalpine Gaul. My father joined the 10th legion prior when I was born. After his 25 […]