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Helena Antonia Flora

Meum nomen est Helena Antonia Flora Name: Helena Antonia FloraOrigin: Samnium Venusia – Italia My name is Helena, the daughter of a retired Optio, Quintus Antonius Viator. He, who served in the first Jewish revolt second in command of a centuria from Legio X Fretensis, under the supreme command of Vespasian. I’ve always carried great […]

Caetvs Marinvs Leonicvs

Meum nomen est Caetvs Marinvs Leonicvs Name: Caetvs Marinvs LeonicvsRank: Miles GregarivsOrigin: Messana – Sicilia, Italia Though being Sicilian by birth, Caetvs hails from an ancient Britannic family of the Catvvellavni tribe. His father, Avdoti, was amongst the Britannic followers of the mighty Caesar who soon distinguished himself in battle. Having been granted Roman citizenship […]

Marivs Hispanicvs Malleolvs

Meum nomen est Marivs Hispanicvs Malleolvs Name:     Marivs Hispanicvs Malleolvs Rank:      Legionary Origin:    Tarraco – Tarraconensis, Hispania For three generations my family have lived in Tarraco, a Port City in North Eastern Hispania. It is the oldest Roman settlement on the Iberian Peninsula. My father Josep, like his father and grandfather before him was a fisherman, providing […]

Titvs Sempronivs Aeaneator

Mevm nomen est Titvs Sempronvs Aeaneator Titvs Sempronivs Aeaneator Rank: Cornicen Origin: Messana-Sicilia I am a cornicen of humble origins from Messana, Sicilia. My father was a shepherd and I used to go out with him herding sheep. As part of my free time spent with the sheep I learnt to play the flute and perfected its use […]

Blasivs Primvs Tigris

Meum nomen est Blasivs Primvs Tigris Name: Blasivs Primvs Tigris Rank: Signifer Origin: Ostia, Province of Rome, Italia Born as Blasivs Attivs Tigris in Ostia, Province of Rome, Italy, I am the son of Robertvm Attivs Tigris a merchant shipper. My father imported wild and exotic animals from Egypt, Africa and Asia to be used […]

Georgivs Ativs Albinvs

Meum nomen est Georgivs Ativs Albinvs Name: Georgivs Ativs Albinvs Rank: Optio Origin: Cosentia, Lucania et Brutii, Italia I am Georgivs Ativs Albinvs, a proud Optio in the 10 th legion. I come from the mountainous region of Lucania et Brutii, home to at least six generations of my forefathers. My father was a centurion […]

Iosephvs Octavivs Longinvs

Mevm nomen est Iosephvs Octavivs Longinvs Name: Iosephvs Octavivs LonginvsRank: CenturionOrigin: Panormvs – Sicilia, Italia I come from an old family of Punic grain merchants from the port-city of Panormvs on the Western Coast of Sicily. My parents gave me the name of my great great grandfather and since I was the eight born, I […]

Qvintvs Avrelivs Procvlvs

Mevm nomen est Qvintvs Avrelivs Procvlvs Name: Avrelivs Lindvm Britannicvs Rank: ProConsul of Rome & Legate of 10th FretensisOrigin: Britannia My name is Aurelius Lindum Britannicus, the son of Cossus Cornelius Lentulus and Octavia Arria of the Julii. Born in Britannia while my father was Praetor and Magistrate of the province. I grew up in […]