Domina Legio X Fret.

Nomen mevm Arlynn est

Name: Arlynn
Rank: Domina
Origin: Britannia

My name is Arlynn, the only daughter of Breonna, Princess of the Cantii Tribe and a direct descendant of Anarevitos, where my grandfather, Claudius was King of the Province. I hail from Britannia, the lands of the Celtic tribe Cantiaci (Cantt), to be precise, which is the most civilized of the tribes and allies of Rome. The Cantii traded with the Mediterranean world, exchanging locally produced cattle, grains and slaves for wine, olive oil and exotic forms of glassware and pottery.

“Ex his omnibus longe sunt humanissimi qui Cantium incolunt, quae regio est maritima omnis, neque multum a Gallica differunt consuetudine.”

Of all these (British tribes), by far the most civilised are they who dwell in Kent, which is entirely a maritime region, and who differ but little from the Gauls in their customs.” De Bello Gallicum – Julius Caesar

My mother, Breonna often sadly recounts our rather tumultuous family history, particularly how we lost our family titles and how our estate passed on to Cossus Cornelius thereafter, when my brave grandfather, who alas I never met, was mortally wounded in combat against an adversary tribe of the Romans in saving Cossus’ life. Cossus was then appointed by the Roman Governor as Praetor and Magistrate of Cantii land and Legatus of the Roman garrison. We, in turn came under the protection of Cossus, who in gratitude of my late grandfather, freed us, made my mother a Roman citizen and later adopted her like his own child.

Life became quiet enough in Britannia. I was tutored in reading and writing in Greek and Latin, and astronomy & arts, all of which I mastered well – but I yearned to explore the world outside my Britannia. During my time of pedagogy, I came across many books about other cultures which engaged my interest in learning about other civilizations. Thus, it is one of my many inspirations for times ahead to travel and have a taste of other places away from the perimeters of my home. My mother Breonna was in close contact with the Roman overlords, which power and wisdom I then inherited at a young age. As noblewomen, we proudly adorned ourselves with the finest of imported silks and jewelry, yet we humbly occupied ourselves with the various aspects of cloth making, namely dyeing, spinning and weaving. Our lavish fashions, to which we became renowned in all the winds of the Roman Empire, left a distinguishing impression on many tradesmen.

I have befriended many people from the Legion, all of whom show amiability. One of whom is Corvvs, with whom I spend a lot of time speaking about my life back in Britannia. I must admit to a certain romantic admiration towards him.

Fate had it that at the age of twelve, my step-uncle and now our protector, Qvintvs Avrelivs Procvlvs, sole heir of Cossus, Proconsul of Rome and Legate of the Tenth Legion Fretensis was called to Rome, and all the household followed him. I am now a Roman domina, living comfortably in his estate, meeting people from different stratas of society and appreciating the beautiful frescoes, mosaics, pottery and paintings that Rome has to offer. I am one of many aspirations for the future; some of which are to travel, marry and start a family here in Rome.

And so, this is my adventure…

Arlynn meaning- ‘one of many apirations’