Domina Legio X Fret.

Nomen mevm Adrasteia est

Name: Adrasteia
Rank: Domina
Origin: Corintus, Graecia

Adrasteia is the daughter of a rich Greek merchant. Her family is renowned for trading pottery and metal wares between Corinth and Judaea. She was raised travelling by sea from port to port with her parents. Her mother, as her mother before her, was an actress well renowned for their beauty and emotional performances. Adrasteia took to performing and story telling from a very young age and her talent soon became well known.

Even though she always desired to raise a family, she never married. She did however fall in love with Manius Furius Pulcher, a legionary of the 10th Fretensis who happened to be around in Jerusalem during one of her acts. Following the legion throughout its travels, Adrasteia would act out tales of the legion’s achievements, not least those of Manius as well. Due to her curly hair, Adrasteia was nicknamed Crispina by the legion’s legate, Quintus.

Disaster struck when Adrasteia had to witness the demise of her beloved Manius who had been mortally wounded in battle. He died shortly afterwards in her hands. This experience sowed a greater resolve in Adrasteia to tell the tale of her lover and his deeds as a legionary, which she does as she follows the 10th Fretensis wherever it goes.