We, the members of the historical reenactment group Legio X Fretensis – Malta, wish to welcome you to our website.

We are dedicated in recreating the soldiers that served Rome during the peak of its Empire (30 BC – 180 AD) starting from the reign of Emperor Augustus to that of Marcus Aurelius.

These soldiers were famous for their strict discipline, courage and ruthlessness that they showed on the battlefield. It was thanks to their effort that Rome was victorious on unconquerable provinces like Brittania and Dacia. In peace time, these soldiers were also construction workers who built roads, aqueducts and forts that have survived to this day. The system of the ancient Roman Legions left a legacy which still effects even modern day military organisation.

Our group represents not only common soldiers, but also different types of officers (each with their own particular symbols, weapons and armour) and also other civilian characters.

For a more detailed description and mission statement of our reenactment group visit the About Us section, while for more information related to the historical and military aspect visit the Articles section.

We hope that you enjoy the visit to our website, and that you find it interesting. If you require any more information do not hesitate to Contact us. We would be pleased to serve our educational-entertainment purposes through live interaction with the public.


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